Preparing your credit for a future house purchase


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20 October 2019

Preparing your credit for a future house purchase? Check out how Melissa was able to increase her credit score by 20 points to help her with this financial goal.

Whether it’s spending a lazy Sunday soaking up the sun at Barton Springs or hitting up brunch at local favorite Snooze, Melissa made Austin her home over 10 years ago because of the laid-back lifestyle and job opportunities in the tech industry. 

A decade ago, she didn’t foresee the competitive housing market -- and with a goal of finding a home, it makes it challenging for her to find the right location for the right price. 

“Austin has changed so much from when I first moved here,” said Melissa, who previously lived in Miami. “It makes it really hard to transition from renting to owning a home because the market is so competitive.” 

Melissa sought out CreditPop after hearing about it from a friend. All she knew was that it could increase her credit score by adding her rent payments to her credit score. 

“Just like everyone else, my rent has increased significantly over the past few years,” she continued. “And, it’s crazy to think that it’s my biggest expense each month, but I don’t see the impact of my payments on my credit score, which makes such a difference among the rest of my finances.” 

Melissa currently works as a consultant in the tech industry and tracks her credit score on a regular basis, knowing that it can have a substantial impact on where she hopes to be in the next five years. 

In the future, Melissa hopes to buy a house with her soon-to-be husband, aiming for the less popular (yet still thriving) north Austin area. 

“In the first two months, I’ve seen a 20 point credit score increase with CreditPop. As we start our search for our first home together, this has the potential to impact our loan amount -- as well as what our interest rates look like.” 

Until then, Melissa will continue to enjoy all that Austin has to offer -- while continuing to pay her monthly rent payments on time so she can get the credit she deserves with CreditPop. 

Interested in getting the credit you deserve? Sign up for CreditPop today to add your rent payments to your credit score.